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Lifestyle Medicine is a program that helps patients make changes to prevent, treat and often reverse chronic conditions.

Our lifestyle medicine specialists treat the whole person using evidence-based lifestyle interventions. The FCCH lifestyle medicine team will focus on your daily habits building on the six pillars of lifestyle medicine to help you live your best life. Lifestyle medicine interventions use your strengths and goals to make healthy changes and do not rely solely on medications.

Let your Primary Care Provider know you want to join the Lifestyle Medicine Program.

Best Life First Choice – What to Expect

Your journey with BLFC includes:
  • Appointments with one of our Board-Certified Lifestyle Medicine physicians
  • Bi-weekly visits with a health coach (in person or by telephone)
  • A Consultation with our nutritionist – optional
  • Weekly Lifestyle Medicine classes – encouraged, but optional.

All BLFC patients are encouraged to come to our weekly Lifestyle Medicine classes, join our Facebook group and/or participate in other community activities with your BLFC team. Events are posted monthly on our Facebook page and in our newsletters.

Life changes take time and commitment, we suggest working with the team for 9-12 months to get the most out of the program, but the choice is yours. Come join our team and live your BEST LIFE.

For more information or to join us:
Contact Toya Abatso-Diaz at (505) 768-5450 or email

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The Team

FCCH Clinical Health Coaches (CHC) partner with you to identify changes that are important to you. Your CHC will be with you step by step to help you discover your strengths, your goals, your wellness path and will be there to help you break through your barriers.

Our Nutritionist has specialized knowledge and training in lifestyle medicine healthy eating plans. They will partner with you to explore how food fits in your life, what you like to eat, and your nutritional goals. Together, you will create a personalized food plan to achieve your best life.

Lifestyle Medicine Providers are Board Certified in Lifestyle Medicine. They have mastered the science of preventing, treating, and reversing chronic disease like High Blood Pressure and Diabetes using the six pillars of Lifestyle Medicine. Your FCCH Lifestyle Medicine Provider will guide you as you create your personalized Wellness Plan using evidence-based tools.

Dr. Galen Loughrey
Dr. Jennifer Pentecost
Dr. Rick Miller



Lifestyle Medicine 6 areas to improve health graphic Healthful Eating, Physical Activity, Manage Stress, No Tobacco, Improve Sleep, RelationshipsIs this a diet or will I be put on a diet?
NO, this is a wholistic program that focuses on behavior change and support rather than a specific diet. We will talk about nutrition and how you can achieve the results you want with healthy food and physical activity.

How long is this program?
The length of the program varies depending on your needs and what you are looking for, but we recommend 6-12 months.

Do I have to pay for this program?
All of our Lifestyle Medicine classes and visits with the nutritionist and with the health coaches are free of charge.
You (or your insurance) will be charged your regular office visit copay when you see one of the lifestyle Medicine MDs.

Can I stop it/withdraw when I want to?
YES, no questions asked. This program is for you

Is this just a weight loss program?
If weight loss is part of your health goal, we will include it in your plan. But the program is for everyone. We work with people who have diabetes, high blood pressure, depression or anyone that just wants to feel better and live their best life.

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