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The mission of First Choice Community Healthcare (FCCH) is to improve the health, life skills and well-being of all members of the communities we serve. When we are able to provide services for the communities, we increase accessibility and equity for our patients.

So, in addition to providing comprehensive primary care, dental care and behavioral health care, FCCH brings provider expertise and community partnerships together to offer additional special care services at FCCH sites.

Please talk to your FCCH provider if you are interested in a referral for these services.

Gender Affirming Care

Gender-affirming care refers to the medical, psychological, and social support First Choice Community Healthcare offers to people who are transgender, non-binary, or gender expansive. This gender-affirming care can help patients match their gender identity (the gender they feel on the inside) with how they look on the outside. This often allows people to feel whole and improves their overall well-being. Gender-affirming care includes several kinds of treatments, from counseling to medication to surgery.


Hepatitis C. Treatment

Hepatitis C ECHO at FCCH is Hepatitis C care delivered by our primary care providers specially trained to diagnose, treat, and follow patients with Hepatitis C. Many of our FCCH sites are able to provide Hepatitis C ECHO care. The FCCH Hepatitis C Team meets every week with Hepatitis C Specialists at the University of New Mexico Hospital to discuss patient cases, get guidance from the experts, and make sure they are taking the best care of FCCH Hepatitis C patients.

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These projects are a part of UNM’s Project Echo. Our providers meet virtually with specialists and review cases that they treat in house.