Patient-Centered Medical Home

First Choice Community Healthcare strives to provide a patient-centered health care home for each of its patients. We have achieved Level 2 recognition for our efforts by the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

Medical homes are a giant departure from the way this country has approached health care in the last several decades; until recently, the focus has been more on treating sickness rather than promoting wellness. The concept of the medical home is a seemingly simple one: all people should enter the medical system through a welcoming place that manages their health holistically (comprehensive primary care, physical health, mental health, health education, and community resources.), treats them as individuals (with knowledge of their history, risk factors, concerns, and specific perspectives), and provides the highest-quality care efficiently (including both treatment and clinical prevention). In practice, this requires a team approach with smooth connections and communication between providers, staff who are comfortable coordinating care and collaborating with clients as partners, an electronic health records system that captures all relevant information and shares it with providers and patients, and a payment system that incentivizes efficient, collaborative work. Though the word “home” suggests a tangible place, in actuality the health home is a set of practices that health care organizations adopt to increase coordination between providers and provide comprehensive primary care.

At First Choice, we are dedicated to building a continuous healing relationship with our patients. Through these relationships, together we can foster shared decision-making, self-care plans, and treatment options focusing on the patient's goals and expectations.

Studies show that patients with an ongoing, continuous relationship with a family physician or other primary care doctor receive better care and save on health care costs.

We are focused on the whole patient; providing care through all stages of life and all aspects of care, including:

  • managing chronic medical conditions
  • prevention
  • behavioral health
  • prenatal
  • WIC
  • pediatrics
  • dental

The Patient-Centered Medical Home Model (PCMH) puts the patient in the center of our healthcare system. The PCMH is a team of healthcare professionals, led by a personal health care provider who works with nurses, pharmacists and others to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to the patient’s care. The team has people who help with medications, insurance and even coordinating care with specialists when needed.  The PCMH focuses on access, care coordination, quality, safety and prevention. The patient-centered medical home is not just for when people get sick. It’s about preventing problems and making sure people get their annual check-ups and vaccinations so patients feel taken care of and at home.

As a team, we can accomplish proactive care through collaboration, pre-visit planning, education on healthy behaviors and resources available to the patient.

Our Patient-Centered Healthcare Home makes you feel welcomed and cared for by a team that:

  • Knows your health history and goals
  • Communicates effectively with you and with each other
  • Gives you appointments when you need them
  • Coordinates the complexity of labs, prescriptions, referrals and insurance

We go the extra mile to help our patients get help paying for their health care.

  • We assist with Medicaid applications
  • We help patients find insurance on the Marketplace
  • We enroll patients in special programs when they are eligible
  • We provide a discount for services based on family size and income

First Choice Community Healthcare is a 501 c3 non-profit, community-based health center system that provides access to quality, patient-centered, comprehensive health care to all people who need it -- regardless of ability to pay. We are a health center grantee under 42 USC 245b and a deemed Public Health Service employee under 42 USC 233 (g)-(n).



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