Breast Cervical Cancer

First Choice Community Healthcare Centers are screening sites for the New Mexico Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection (BCC) Program. The program is a cooperative effort of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, State of New Mexico and healthcare partners to encourage screening for breast and cervical cancer. The purpose of screening is to detect cancer in its earliest stage, so it can be treated or cured. Screening for breast cancer involves a breast examination and a breast X-ray called a mammogram. Screening for cervical cancer includes a scraping from the cervix (opening of the uterus) called a Pap smear and may also include a pelvic examination.

Participation involves the following: The patient meets with First Choice BCC Coordinator Geraldine Ulibarri.
If you are age 30 or older, meet the income eligibility requirements of the Program, and have no insurance or services are not covered fully by your insurance, you will be able to receive a clinic/doctor visit, Pap smear, and clinical breast exam at no cost. Beginning at age 40 you will become eligible for a screening mammogram at no cost.

If you have an abnormal screening test result, the clinic/doctor will work with the Program to help you obtain further diagnostic tests and treatment. The Program can pay for limited diagnostic services, but cannot pay for treatment. Your health care provider at the clinic or your doctor can tell you which specific services the Program can pay for and those that are not covered. Your clinic/doctor will let you know when you are due to return for your next Pap test and/or mammogram.To learn more, call Geraldine Ulibarri, First Choice BCC Clinic Coordinator, at 505-224-8772.

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