Mar 22, 2012

A Letter from Our CEO

From its inception FCCH has been a community-based, non-profit company dedicated to the provision of accessible and affordable quality care to all people in the communities we serve.  We are governed by a voluntary community-based board of directors.  The majority of our board members receive their care at First Choice facilities.  We treat all patients with respect, compassion, dignity and caring and make health care affordable with discounted fees for people with low incomes.  We do this without compromising quality or scope of services, and we maintain national accreditation standards.

Today, after more than 40 years of service, we continue to be guided by our founder’s values and the needs of our community members.  We collaborate with federal, state, county and municipal governments to maximize our collective resources in order to expand our capacity to serve.  We partner with the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, University Hospital, other service organizations and the state’s many health plans to transform healthcare and continuously improve our patient-centeredness.

As you visit our health centers and our website, you will see evidence of our community connections, expanded scope of practice, quality medical and dental care, the integration of behavioral health services, wellness initiatives, and the continued movement towards the establishment of a patient centered medical care home model approach to care delivery.  

You will see how we have helped patients and members of the community access medical care coverage, navigate the system, find the care they and their families need, and take ownership in maintaining their own health.

We continue to be recognized locally, statewide, throughout the country and internationally for our innovative “Health Commons Model” and as a pioneer in patient-centeredness.

Thank you for being a part of First Choice’s story of improving the health and wellness of the communities that we are all privileged to serve.

Bob DeFelice

Our Patient-Centered Healthcare Home makes you feel welcomed and cared for by a team that:

  • Knows your health history and goals
  • Communicates effectively with you and with each other
  • Gives you appointments when you need them
  • Coordinates the complexity of labs, prescriptions, referrals and insurance

We go the extra mile to help our patients get help paying for their health care.

  • We assist with Medicaid applications
  • We help patients find insurance on the Marketplace
  • We enroll patients in special programs when they are eligible
  • We provide a discount for services based on family size and income