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Nutrition Aide (O016)

Position: Nutrition Aide

Requisition Number: O016

FTE: Full Time

Location: South Valley WIC

Salary Range: $9.38-$12.02

Posted: 03/13/2015

Minimum Requirements:

High School diploma or GED certificate. Any combination of the following experience: 1)Employment, Volunteer or internship in Nutrition, Community Health, Health Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, or Nutrition related field.  2) Employment with various agencies that provide: customer service in person or by phone.  3) Employment with various agencies that work with families and children.  4)  Employment in the health or medical field. and/or 5) Employment in the clerical or office field.  Experience and working knowledge with computers and Microsoft programs.  Bi-lingual English/Spanish is preferred. This clerical position of the Special Supplemental Food and Nutrition Program, (WIC) Women, Infant and Children has a significant impact on approximately 9,000 Pregnant, Breastfeeding, Postpartum women, Infants and children in the City of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County.  Its primary function is to provide WIC client services and perform administrative duties that support WIC clinic operations.   This position is under the general direction of the site WIC Nutritionist, the Assistant WIC Program Manager, and the WIC Director. Work Keys scores preferred, contact your local NM Department of Workforce Connections for Work Keys Assessments. 

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